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Celebrating 10 yrs

Our lifestyle magazine launched in October of 2010 in the heart of England has taken on strength and overcome challenges to be a reader of choice of many middle income African across Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana just to name a few.


Strategic Consulting on Communication

With over 25 years in combined experience, FabAfriq Media Group help clients re-think, re-design and successfully deliver strategic programmes that are of high value and determine a positive outcome for their brand image.


Social Responsibility

FabAfriq Media Group help clients in translating various sustainability concepts into company strategies and hands-on management and business practices for the markets where they operate. We have over 5 years experience in CSR Consultancy in the CEMAC region.


PR & Media

FabAfriq Media Group help clients to find the right tone to express their vision for a better community. Whether it is reacting to incidents or taking part in community conversations, we help senior executives take a good step back to help them gain insights into PR opportunities.

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